Below are links to the websites of organisations that share the concerns of the European Group. Should you wish to add any organisations to this list, please contact the Coordinator.

Rhodes Project (social science research centre based in Rhodes):

Inquest (investigating deaths in custody):  

Reclaim justice network (a collaboration of individuals, groups, campaigners, activists, trade unionists, practitioners and researchers and people most directly affected by criminal justice systems, who are working together to radically reduce the size and scope of criminal justice systems and to build effective and socially just alternatives): 

Observatoire International des Prisons (voluntary organisation investigation conditions of detention - website in French):  

Justice Action (a community-based advocacy group targeting abuse of authority, based in Sydney, Australia):  

Critical Resistance (a US-based grassroots organisation challenging the use of punishment to “cure” complicated social problems)  

Amnesty International: 

O Un- Sol (a Brasil-based organisation challenging the use of imprisonement - site in Spanish):   

Women in Prison (UK-based support and campaign group for women affected by the Criminal Justice System): 

Campaign Against Prison Slavery (UK-based campaign group formed in 2002 by ex-prisoners, prisoner support groups and activists to campaign against compulsory labour in British prisons): 

Statewatch (a non-profit-making voluntary group founded in 1991, comprised of lawyers, academics, journalists, researchers and community activists publishing research on the state, justice and home affairs, civil liberties, accountability and openness): 

Human Rights Watch (an independent, international organization that works as part of a vibrant movement to uphold human dignity and advance the cause of human rights for all): 

Northern Police Monitoring Project (a grassroots campaigning and advocacy group based in Greater Manchester):    

South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology: 

International Conference on Penal Abolition: 

Campaign for Justice for Hassan Diab         

Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign