REMINDER - Journal

Dear friends,

As discussed at the 47th Annual Conference, the group is making plans for the future of  our journal Power, Justice and Resistance. The objective to to lighten the administrative load on the editorial team on (for example) typesetting, refocus on radical book publications at EG Press and facilitate further reach of the journal through advertising.

As such, we have submitted a preliminary proposal to Bristol Policy Press, a not-for profit publisher which you can read about here:

This is again attached and has been drafted by the co-ordinators and some of the EG Press editorial team, and responses/questions are in comments along the side.

For those interested in the future of the journal, please feel free to read the proposal and send on any feedback, points or ideas by the 17th January (as discussed in the December newsletter). This will allow us to move forward with whatever decision is taken as quickly as possible.

Many thanks for ideas or input, with best wishes,


Vicky, Katja and Dani.