EG Newsletter April 2019

I. Barcelona 4-6 Sept’19. Deadline for contributions: 20 April European Group 47th Annual Conference – in English [p.4] & Spanish [p.6]
II. Stuart Hall and the ‘Little Caesars’ of Social Democracy Joe Sim & Steve Tombs [p.8]. With translations in Spanish and German by Dani Jiménez-Franco and Andrea Beckmann
III. How expressions of white supremacy seep through our society Elizabeth Stanley [p.12]
IV. Terrorism has No Religion Scott Poynting [p.14]
V. Crime, harm and the question of justice An interview with Samantha Fletcher [p.17]
VI. Campaign to End Child Imprisonment in England and Wales Steering Committee of the Campaign to End Child Imprisonment [p.22]
VII. CSAA Conference 2019: Cultural Transformations Univ. of Queensland, 4-6 Dec. Abstracts Due 30 April [p.23]
VIII. 5th European Geographies of Sexualities Conference Prague, 26-28 Sept. Submissions before 15 April [p.24]
XIX. Future Choices: Keeping Europe Intact Conference Univ. of Leeds, 26-27 April [p.27]