Barcelona 2019 - 47th EG CONFERENCE

Victor Serri/ Setmanari La Directa)

FOR STAN COHEN. 7 January 2019

EG Newsletter December 2018

I. RESISTING STATE-CORPORATE CRIMES AND FACING REPRESSION. TOWARDS A THEORY OF INSURRECTION. Barcelona 2019 European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control 47th Annual Conference. Can Batlló, Barcelona, 4, 5, 6 September 2019 [Call for contributions & accomodation info].

II. No Small Fracking Matter. Samantha Fletcher.

III. Letter to People in Prison. Michael J. Coyle & David Scott.

IV. No More Deaths in Prison. Defending Prisoners’ Rights Manifesto. Famílies contra la Crueltat Carcerària - Barcelona.

EG Newsletter November 2018

I. Barcelona, 4-6 September 2019: European Group 47th Annual Conference

II. EG Working Groups and National Representatives: Updated list and information

III. John Kendall. Regulating police detention. Voices from behind closed doors - book

IV. Bree Carlton & Emma K. Russell. Resisting Carceral Violence. Women’s Imprisonment and the Politics of Abolition - book

EG Newsletter October 2018

I. Ljubljana 2018. A personal chronicle by Emma Hyndman [p.3]
II. No Prison. Manifesto & book published by EG Press Edited by Massimo Pavarini & Livio Ferrari [p.5]
III. Anarchism, Penal Law and Popular Resistance. Published by EG Press Edited by Andrea Beckman, J.M. Moore and Azrini Wahidin [p.7]
IV. Puerto Rico, one year after Hurricane Maria: Corruption, State-Corporate negligence and Colonial theft José Atiles-Osoria [p.9]


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