European Group 46th Annual Conference 

EG Newsletter

We are happy to present the program for the European Group Annual Conference 2018 in Ljubljana. It is a packed program with much to look forward to, with its focus on Social harm in a digitalized global world: Technologies of power and normalized practices of contemporary society.

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EG Newsletter

“For anyone advocating penal abolitionism it is essential that they acknowledge the harms of VAW and the challenges that it confronts to the idea of living in a world without prisons…”

Read more about this as well as the EG's upcoming conference in this month's newsletter which can be downloaded here.

EG Newsletter May 2018


Last October Catalonia held a referendum into becoming independent from Spain – a vote the Spanish authorities quickly claimed was illegal and whose claim of illegitimacy was used to "make it OK" to strike down those they deemed insurgents. We all remember the pictures shared in the news and on social media of the violence and force committed against the Catalan people. This is the main topic of the EG May newsletter.

You can download the Newsletter here.

Assisted Places

This year we are able to offer 1-3 assisted places. The places will be fully supported – covering conference fee and up to 300 Euro for travel and accommodation. The assisted places will be allocated in priority to applicants who meet some/all of the below criteria: 


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