conference programme

The latest version of the conference programme can be downloaded here.

July 2015 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available to download here.  This month, Ida Nafstad contributes reflections from her field research in Palestine.


Registration is still open until 30th June. Please note that it cannot be extended any further.

Abstracts can still be accepted, subject to space. If you still wish to submit an abstract, please do so ASAP.

May 2015 newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available to download here. This month, David Scott discusses the problem of ‘criminal injustice’ and the urgent need to challenge it through radical interventions grounded in the principles of social justice. Please note that the final deadline to send in abstracts and register for this year's conference is 31st May

April 2015 newsletter

Please click here for our April newsletter. This month, Rachel Seoighe  discusses the United Kingdom’s removal practices with respect  to failed asylum seekers.

Conference news

Please note that we have extended the deadline for submission of abstracts to our European Group conference in Tallinn. The FINAL DEADLINES are as follows:

submission of abstracts 31st May 

submission of applications for assisted places 30th April

conference registration 31st May 

These deadlines will not be extended in order to facilitate conference organisation.

Thank you. 


March 2015

Our latest newsletter is available to download here. This month, we include a thought-provoking article on the democratic reform of the police by George Rigakos and Georgios Papanicolaou, as well as information about the very first study day organised by our new working group on Crimes of the Powerful.


February 2015

Sarah Tickle reports on the policing and regulation of young people in the UK and Melanie Griffiths

January 2015

Alasdair Henry explores post-Nuremberg unethical human experimentation.

December 2014

Includes summaries of presentations delivered at the Sites of Confinement II Study Day organised by the Prisons, Punishment and Detention Working Group. Belinda Carpenter and Gordon Tait investigate death amongst vulnerable and marginalised populations and Carly Speed looks at degradation and death in psychiatric detention in England and Wales. Vicky Canning, organiser and coordinator of the working group, contributes a conference report. Download here


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